Accounting & Auditing


Today’s environment is more challenging than ever. Fraud prevention and asset protection are among the key issues facing businesses. Having a well designed accounting system can help you achieve your goals as well as provide reliable information for better decision-making capability. We can review and implement internal controls to safeguard your business assets. When you work with us, you can count on the independent analysis of your financial systems, aiding you in developing a more accurate business strategy.

Audit, Review and Compilation Services:

We provide audit, review, and compilation services to a wide variety of businesses including not- for-profit, local government, and fire districts. For anyone interested in adding credibility to their financial statements, a full audit is not the only option.

A compilation is the simplest of these offerings and requires less time than more in-depth engagements. The accountant performing the compilation is not required to perform any verification procedures but will compile financial statements and review sufficient amounts of data to produce reasonable conclusions and recommendations based on the information provided by the management of the organization.

A review engagements provides limited assurance on the financial statements and evaluates the accounting practices and procedures used by the client and the meetings of the board members of the organization.

An audit is the most thorough evaluation done and involves a critical review of financial information. The auditor issues a final written attestation to the accuracy of the financial statements of the organization and forms an opinion as to the standards and procedures of the organization. If you are required to have an audit conducted, the other services will not be sufficient.

If you are interested in any of these services please contact our office so we may assist you in determining which offering will bring the most value to your organization or which service meets the needs of your requirements.

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